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  Direct Opt-in Email:

Global-Profiles takes pride in its vast knowledge of consumer, and business information. We use only Opt-In, permission based, confirmed data. In other words, end users whether consumer, business, or professional have given their consent to receive information targeted to their interests.

Why use Opt-In Email eMarketing? 

While direct-mail still has its place in marketing campaigns, eMarketing delivers greater results at lower costs generating a greater ROI. Imagine sending HTML, text, flash, and other technologies to end-users you know pertinent demographic information about such as surfing habits, interests, age, income, etc. List rental prices range from mere pennies to 40 cents for highly targeted specialized lists.


Global-Profile?s commitment to customers is to provide superior service with the utmost professionalism while providing results. Let our sales, marketing experience, and industry knowledge bring results to your companies marketing campaigns. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation or subscribe to Global Profiles eMarketing industry guide.

For more information about our company or for individual services that we provide, please contact us by clicking here.

or call us at 224.836.1562.

Our Offices: 
3501 N. Southport Ave #270
Chicago, IL 60657-1475



Did you know that over 63% of C-level executives start their information quest online?

eMarketing Comparison:

?ABC? Company sent out 90,000 direct mail pieces and 93,000 emails.  The associated cost for the direct mail campaign was $153,000 the cost of the email campaign was $35,837   Looking at cost per lead on direct mail was $4,026 while the cost per lead on email was $44.80 a significant difference of 890%

Global-Profiles has helped numerous clients generate qualified leads and helps companies increase their sales.


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